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Quality Web Content

Quality Blog, Social & Press Writers
Fresh and quality web content allows the end user to acquire information trending with their changing times, wether it's business, politics economics, you name it... Providing quality content about what's trending in your industry, your business, events and goals is essential for readers that are looking to stay informed about their local community or who they want to do business with. Even your company will change from day to day, month to month and year to year and as it does, you should keep your readers and customers informed.

Content For Platforms We Manage
We provide content support for social media posting - once per day for 30 days - including creatives (when possible). Two professionally written blog articles per month, one for your website's blog and a 3rd party blog account and social media sponsored ads in multiple platforms.

Social Media

Social Media Local Outreach
One of the most cost effective ways for entrepreneurs and small businesses to increase their customers and retention rate is to engage localy via social media outlets. With successful social media postings campaigns you can gain new local customers, increase brand awareness and lower your online marketing cost by engaging directly with the end user. Sadly this takes time and effort so we are here to make sure it gets done professionally.

Local Listings & Reviews Management
Our new in-house analytic system allows you to instantly have information on your local listing directories, confirm that all information on the web about your company is consistent, tracks local listing reviews, notifies when reviews need attention and helps you track your search result positions in the top 3 search engines.

Affiliated Digital Ads

Google, FB, Twitter & Linkedin Ads
We will create your ads, target your audience, select your images and manage your social ads budget all within your own account. This give you direct access to your analytic report, you choose how much of a budget you want to spend each month on social ads and you choose when to restrict access if needed. We can test multiple variables of parameters in duplicate campaigns to find you more effective ads with better relevance.

Animated Gif:
Running animated gif's in affiliated websites of multiple businesses in the same industry is a great way to reach out to your target audience. Work hand in hand with others in your industry to increase your base. We help you establish those connections and manage your campaigns. Working with numerous industries, we understand the hurdles many small companies will go through. We aim the bridge that gap and find you solutions through inovative marketing tools.