6 Important SEO methods for Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners

6 Important SEO methods for Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners

Online marketing can be time consuming. As a business owner, which tools should you make more use of based on both cost efficiency and time consumption which eventually translates into cost, after all, time is money right? How much time should you allocate and where should you put that time? Follow our article to learn more.

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CUBIC IT Store Coming Soon!!

Cubic IT Store will be your one stop shop for all your IT product needs, launching on January 2014. Purchase router, modems, HDMI, PC's, servers and much more. Through our manufacturing partners YOU! will be able save hundreds on IT products. Sign up for our monthly news letter below and get updates on Cubic IT Stores' development.

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What is Ruby opn Rails? (Basics)

Ruby is a programmin glanguage considered to be a back-end languange unlike html, css & Javascript which run on the browser(the client-side). Rails is the framework utilized to build website, it establishes the tools needed to mantain and coordinate with much more ease. This is accomplished through an API (Application Programming Interface)...

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Code Cademy trainning portal

Learn how to code in seconds!

Codecademy provides you with lots of options if you want to delve into the programming world. Their methods are straight forward and you begin coding right away! No need to learn the intricate details of the language. Programming has to be taught hands on so jump right into it and the rest will take care of itself along the way.

Learn to Code
Meet-up with local programmers

Learn how to code with a local group in your area through meetup.com

Interested in learning how to code?
Maybe you don't want to be a pro but you'd like to learn enough to play with your own website. Meetup.com has the network out-reach to help you find a group of programmers in your local area that you can train with.