Network Solutions

Your firm need the quality support of a local team to help with technological hurdles while escaping the exorbitant cost associated with large scale enterprise software, systems and support. Our team of software and technical experts can assist in the development, implementation and execution of software and IT services for small to medium size businesses.

Specializing in web based infrastructure and network security for small to medium sized businesses. Our network of vendors and our support team will provide a reliable infrastructure with a timely execution.

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PC Repair

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Tired of having a slow computer? Slow PC's is just the biginning of your computer problems.

Technology isn't perfect, our team of PC repair experts will go to your home or business on your scheduled date & provide you with professional & courteous service while getting that ageing PC back to top shape.

Buying a new PC isn't always the solution. Our technical experience is just what you need to confirm or fix that old PC. Find us in San Diego or Las Vegas.

Network Solutions for Businesses & PC Repair Request

Household Remedies For Your PC

How do you know you've run into an ageing computer problem? When simple, mundane task such as opening up a directory or a file take noticeably longer than you are used to or expected. Maybe you've ran into a security issue and need it fixed.

Many home owners don't know that a slow pc can be fixed rather quickly. Within an average of 3 hours your PC will get a tune-up that will optimize its ability to work faster and harder for you. There are two ways to fix this problem. First, there are fixes on the software side as well as the hardware replacements or add-ons. Below, all are listed for you. You can also learn more about these repairs in our blog posted this month for those of you DIY individuals. If you're not up to the task give us a call and we'll have a technician meet you at your home or business establishment for a speedy recovery.


Please review the instructions on these software's and make sure you use them properly. The Windows Directory Statistics is a great tools to view your directory listing in 3 easy to understand view types. First view option is the directory list, followed by the treemap and ending with the extension list, our teams personal favorite. If you need assistance call us 9am to 5pm every day.

There are many type of hardware issues that we can mention in our blog over the coming month. The only quick and easy home remedy recommendation we will give you today - that is highly cost effective - is increasing its memory.

On Windows follow these steps to see how much RAM capacity your PC has: Go to your Windows start button->control panel->System & Security->System or "Review amount of RAM and Processor speed". After which you will look at your current RAM, go online and find out what is the maximum capacity your PC model can manage and max it.